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Circle of RESTE was endorsed by Dr. Witherspoon, Richland One Superintendent.

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Circle of R.E.S.T.E. - Restorative and Energizing Support for Teachers and other Educators took place on Saturday, March 26, 2022 at Bethel AME Church Gym in Columbia, SC. What an awesome time the attendees experienced! The pre survey documented that most attendees came for the following reasons:

Stressful work environments

Physically tired

Need to focus on my health

Opportunity to network with others

The post survey documented that the majority left refreshed with a level 3,4,5 indicating highly refreshed.

Regina Skeeters, multi-talented recording artist opened the event with a rousing rendition of "The Greatest Love of All". Everyone agreed that this song was so appropriate because "learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all"

The meal prepared by Proper Kick Back Catering Service, Matthew Thomas, owner, was delightfully tasty and soulfully delicious. Attendees stated this was certainly a highlight of the day with BBQ ribs, teriyaki chicken wings, macaroni and cheese and dirty rice.

The next popular attraction were the massages and facials by 4 talented and licensed massage therapists and an esthetician. Their hands magically melted the stress away to such an extent, attendees didn't want to leave the area.

The informative sessions included:

Restorative Moves by Charmaine was a popular experience where participants learned gentle floor and chair moves to relax their bodies. Charmaine used a mixture of yoga and meditation to guide the release of stress from muscles.

Sue Jeffrey Busen, virtually from Chicago, introduced the practice of GetSet Tapping as a tool to relieve stressful conditions. Please check out her books and information at:

Brett Thomas, author of Cadence Candy for Schools, provides a tool and strategy for preventing discipline problems in the classroom which in turn relieves stressful working conditions.

Amanda Phillips, NAMISC, was prepared to deliver an interactive session on Refresh and Reclaim. However, there was a serious issue with the Wi-Fi connection at our location. However, she was able to share with our participants. Please contact Amanda for more information.

"Falling Isn't the Problem, Staying Down Is" was a virtual presentation by Rev. Hugh Harmon. It is a powerful message for everyone who listens. You can find more about Hugh on FaceBook: @BridgingtheGapwithHughJHarmon · Community

"Proven Practices and Support to Keep You in Your Heroic Heart" by Hal Price is a powerful presentation helping participants to get in touch with their hearts. Hal has written several books for children and adults. Participants received a special gift after attending his session. They got the Eli plushie bear and selected one of his books. Here is more information on Hal Price.

ReSet and Balance was presented by Bishop Ronnie Duncan. He is the Senior leader of The Garden of Shalom Ministries. The ministry that's dedicated to serving those who suffer from trauma and helping them find peace within the word of the Lord. He is a Certified Grief Counselor and Certified Leadership Coach employed by Agape Care of SC.

Participants enjoyed his calm and comforting presentation of very difficult topics.

"You Got This" by Kyreem Oakes, veteran administrator and academic specialist, presented strategies and tools for classroom management. This is often a source of stress for classroom teachers. His workshop. with video, was well attended.

"Art Therapy and Effective Communication" by Wilma King, professional artist and retired art professor, served as a moment in time to reflect through experiences with the beauty of art.

"Student Engagement 101" is an interesting virtual presentation by April Morgan and Sheonne Carter. They are two veteran special education teachers with great, proven strategies for students of all levels. Their video can be seen on Youtube:

"The Art of Rest", meditation guidance by Schan Ellis Robinson, provided a respite from the noise and busyness of the day. Check out Schan at

T'Nai Amani, recording artist and educator from Savannah, GA, graced us with her beautiful operatic voice and a message from the "eclectic generation". Check out T'Nai at

Fraserly, a new upcoming recording artist, poet, visual artist and actress, showcased her first single. Her dramatic presentations have included a message for teachers. Her youthful perspective is very impactful.

Krashawn Guess did an awesome job as our EV Technician and cameraman. His video production of the event will be ready soon.

Our vendors presented valuable information and many gifts to participants: The Richland County Education Association-Retired and The RCEA, The SCEA and The SCEA-Retired, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Oba Essentials Natural Skin care, That Girl Got Some Stuff Slime and The USC DG3D Study.

Our donors and sponsors included Will's HVAC and Service Repair, Mrs. Dorothy Stewart, Brown's Family Dentistry, Honey Baked Ham, Regions Bank, Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union, Lexington Medical Center, Allstate Insurance , Ida W. Thompson, Marvin Byers, Janie Fair, Dr. Delores Bellinger.

SERCO - South East Rural Community Outreach, served as our fiscal sponsor for non-profit donations.

Thanks to Bethel AME Church for hosting this important premiere event.

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